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Ongoing Membership Requirements

Active Participation 

A primary component of the NCER Mission is to encourage and facilitate professional growth, effectiveness, and collaboration among our Members. To that end, all Members are required to participate in at least six (6) events during each year, of which four (4) must be general Membership meetings. Exceptions to this requirement for extenuating circumstances may be considered upon written request to the Board of Directors.

Current Profile

All Members must create and maintain a current Profile with NCER for identification and communication.

Acceptance of Bylaws
All members must agree to and abide by the NCER Bylaws.


Continued membership, as well as being a “Member in good standing”, is contingent upon timely payment of all applicable fees and dues.


All Members are expected to maintain the highest standards of personal and professional conduct, consistent with the organization's Core Values of Integrity, Respect, Excellence, and LeadershipDiscreditable acts that reflect adversely on a Member’s honesty, integrity, ethics, trustworthiness, or good moral character are not consistent with continued NCER association.Conduct considered to be in conflict with and detrimental to the identity and character of NCER will result in the revocation of membership and forfeiture of any fees or dues received.