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Membership Nomination & Selection Process

Membership is by invitation only. 
Prospective members must be nominated by a current member in good standing, meet all of the Membership Eligibility Guidelines, and be approved by the Membership Committee, which is responsible for the entire 
Membership Nomination & Selection process. 

For those interested in becoming a member of NCER, the process begins by asking a current member to serve as your sponsor. Candidates
 for membership should have already attended multiple NCER events and met a number of current NCER members.

Any member in good standing can submit a Nomination(s) for membership at any time. As a sponsor, the member will explain the requirements and expectations of the organization, learn more about the candidate's executive background, answer questions and, if all eligibility guidelines are met, will prepare and submit the formal nomination to the Membership Committee.

To Become a Member of NCER all Candidates MUST:

  1. Be Sponsored and Nominated by a member in good standing.

  2. Meet all of the Membership Eligibility Guidelines.

  3. Be Approved by the Membership Committee through a 
    Membership Nomination & Selection process.

Primary Requirements for Eligibility include ALL of the following:

  • C-Level or equivalent Senior-Level Executive experience and leadership.

  • Actively engaged in a business or actively pursuing opportunities.

  • Read and agree to membership requirements outlined in NCER Bylaws.

  • Provide current profile information required for identification and communication.

See the Membership Eligibility Guidelines to determine whether a prospective member is likely to be accepted for membership. 

Once submitted, the nomination and selection process typically takes two to three weeks. Factors affecting the timeline include such things as Membership Committee schedule, interviews, discussions, communications, and the number of other nominations being considered at a particular time.

If accepted, the sponsor and candidate are notified by the Membership Committee and a letter of acceptance with additional information is sent from NCER to the candidate and sponsor. Acceptance by the candidate must be communicated to the Membership Committee Chair and membership becomes effective upon remittance of the initiation fee (currently $125) and the annual dues (currently $90).

In the event the nomination is not approved, the Membership Committee will advise the sponsor and the candidate of the decision. Candidates who are not approved initially may be re-nominated and reconsidered at a future date.