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Membership Eligibility Guidelines

As Amended at 5/19/2017 Board Meeting

NCER membership is by invitation only. All prospective members must be sponsored by a current member in good standing who submits a nomination to the Membership Committee for consideration.


Ultimately, the NCER Bylaws define the criteria for Membership and the Board of Directors is the authority for the Bylaws. The Board has delegated full authority to the Membership Committee for membership approvals. Note that as the Board may revise the Bylaws in the future, current members are not subject to such revisions in member eligibility criteria.


The following questions are offered as guidelines for sponsors and prospective members in determining whether an individual is likely to be accepted for Membership:


  1. Does the Prospective Member possess a Broad Body of Business Knowledge personally demonstrated through senior executive leadership roles in a (for profit or not-for-profit) corporate work environment with significant responsibility across areas that are key to their organizations’ sustainability including, but not limited to: organizational culture, strategy, business development, operations, finance (P&L management), human resources, and external relations?

  2. Is the Prospective Member Currently Working or Actively Pursuing Engagement as an executive? (Retired individuals would not meet this criteria.)

  3. Is the Prospective Member Operating at a Senior Executive Level, as evidenced by their possessing at least one of the following attributes?

    • Currently Holds or Has Held Positions with titles that include the words “chief,” “president,” “executive,” “officer” or other titles for the highest-level positions in their organizations AND the title does not include the words “assistant” or “junior.”

    • Currently Holds or Has Held Positions with other Executive Titles (e.g. executive director, business unit or sector  manager, country or regional manager, etc.) with significant direct management responsibility for at least one of the following:

    1. A minimum of twenty-five (25) people.

    2. An operational budget of at least $1 million.

    3. Some other critical aspect of an enterprise (e.g. legal compliance, public affairs, procurement, information security, investment, risk, merger & acquisition, and the like), which can be briefly described on the Nomination Form by the Sponsor to support the requisite level of responsibility.

  4. Has the person been operating in the types of roles described under item 3 above for at least five (5) years?

  5. Will the addition of this person to the Membership of NCER Enrich the Organization, its Mission and Vision, and increase its value to our Members and the community?
    If so, briefly explain.

  6. Does this person acknowledge and understand the agreement to fulfill the requirements for Maintaining Ongoing Membership?


If the answer to all six (6) of these questions is YES, the person is deemed to be acceptable as a nominee for membership and shall be moved forward in the consideration process, which includes in-person discussions, interviews, and/or meeting(s) with one or more members of the Membership Committee. 


If one or more of the answers are NO, then there remains some question as to the nominee’s qualifications or suitability for membership. In such case, the sponsor will be invited to present an argument and rationale to the Membership Committee in justification of further consideration.


The Membership Committee shall make its decision to approve or not approve membership to any nominee through a simple majority vote. The sponsor and nominee will be informed of the Committee’s decision, however no commentary or explanation is required or offered.