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"I consider it a great honor and privilege to be part of North Carolina Executive Roundtable (NCER).

I've been a member of  for several years. I don’t know of a better organization for executives in the area. The organization holds monthly meetings with excellent speakers who are informative, educational, and engaging on subjects of interest to executives of companies large and small. The members and guests of NCER are friendly and interested in establishing long-term professional relationships. The unique attribute of this organization is that members encourage collaboration and cooperation to serve the needs of customers of members. Members attend members-only meetings to get to know each other better and provide input to the board of directors. Although NCER is not a networking group or a place to “sell” your business, NCER has been instrumental in my getting quite a bit of new business through referrals. Members of NCER care about the success of the members’ companies and offer constructive advice when requested. The coffee chats have been invaluable for my professional growth and the advice that I have received has helped my business navigate through the volatile business climates."


Paul Immanuel, CEO
Immanuel Consulting Services, LLC

Larry Lytle, CSO
Engaging Solutions East

"NCER is many different things. It’s where executives come together to share their breadth of knowledge, experience, and ideas to strengthen and support one another. It is a place to discuss business issues, gain valuable insights and perspectives, and explore alternative approaches among peers. It’s also a place to learn from professionals and experts in many subject areas, offer advice and counsel to others, expand business connections and build enduring friendships. NCER is a place where what you know, what you’ve done, and the lessons you’ve learned along the way can make a tremendous difference and be an encouragement to others."

"NCER is an excellent resource for any executive! So many executives would like to think they have all the answers. The truth is no one does. Through NCER, executives build trusted relationships with peers who can provide different perspectives and approaches to challenges we face in our business, professional, and personal lives.  Besides feeling like I have my own personal advisory board, NCER provides me with opportunities to stay up-to-date on the latest business trends impacting NC, sharpen my skills, and generate new ideas for my business and personal endeavors. Not only do I receive so much from NCER, I am also honored to assist my peers in their pursuits so they too can achieve greater successes!

Kim Mills, Vice President
Phoenix Commercial Properties

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